Rope Access

HookedOn Restoration was trained by IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.

What is Rope Access?

Rope AccessIndustrial Rope Access achieves a safe work position on tall buildings or where access is difficult. Caving techniques provided the inspiration for its use on a commercial basis as it provided solutions for the need for a simple, safe, inexpensive and adaptable method of access.

At its simplest it involves the technician securing themselves to the top of the structure, then using ropes and pulleys to abseil into position and performing painting, cleaning or maintenance services.  Its first large scale use was for inspections on the oil and gas platforms of the North Sea.

Rope Access has now developed onshore where it provides cost-effective and efficient means to undertake an increasing range of steeplejack work from skyscraper window and structural cleaning to painting, maintenance and inspection of wind turbines and churches.

Any large building can benefit from Rope Access.  Such as:

  • Churches
  • Apartments
  • High Rises
  • Offices
  • Theatres
  • Any Multi-story Building

Why Rope Access?

Undoubtedly the main reason for using Rope Access over the traditional use of machinery such as cherry pickers or rising platforms is saving costs.  Rope Access allows the technician to paint, clean, maintain or inspect your structure without the need to hire expensive equipment.

Set up time and costs, as well as labour are minimised as Rope Access allows the job to be completed without expensive scaffolding preparation.

For High Painting, High Cleaning or High Repairgive HookedOn Restoration a call today to find out more about this inexpensive and innovative answer to tall structure maintenance.

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